The Three is the name given to Enoka, Kaeso, and Mu. These characters' fate and actions decided the events of TSC. 


Mu's fate turned Tatter insane as he had lost his best friend. Mu's death caused Tatter kill Shatter and created the monster inside both of them. Had Mu not been killed Tatter and Shatter wouldn't have become the villains of TSC.


Enoka's fate and actions were perhaps the most important setup moments of the series. If Enoka hadn't sold his kind into slavery he wouldn't be a reaper and his mate and kitten would be alive. If Enoka hadn't gone after Tatter and Shatter he couldn't have found Kolero. If he had left Kolero, there is no way Kolero could survive. Enoka's 'death' also triggered Kolero's insanity and helped Kolero meet his rivals. 


Kaeso's life was very violent and gruesome as was his bloody reign. He created most of the Fukken-Demon rivalry and also created most angel/demon fueds. He helped create the no demon/angel intermarriage. Kaeso also delivered a prophecy to Kolero about his future powerless daughter who right the wrongs and hatred of the past.

Sabriah (Former)Edit

Sabriah or Sabri was formally the third member of The Three. He was given this status as his affair with Ira caused much of the drama with angel and demon relationships. He also was the grandfather to Niko and the horrific mate to Soma. He was kicked out of The Three as the writers hated him and "he just wasn't influential enough."


  • The name of The Three is a reference to the Power of Three arc from the Warriors series.
  • Kaeso was originally not part of The Three instead it was Sabriah. This was changed as Sabriah was very hated by the authors.