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Tatter has dark black hair and emerald green eyes. Tatter is missing one of his eyes and he has mechanical teeth. He has the ability to transform into any animal. In Cat Chronicles he is a black British Short-hair with green eyes.

Information Edit

Full Name: Alister 'Tatter' Morgan

Birthday: 1938

Age: 18 at death, 97 overall

Status: Deceased (Confirmed Heaven Resident)

Species: Human, British Short-hair

Father: Unnamed

Mother: Unnamed

Brother: Shatter

In the Books Edit


Tatter and his brother first appear attacking Niko and Kolero. Tatter is too lazy to attack the devil and angel and forces Shatter to fight them

Trivia Edit

  • It was revealed that Tatter once owned a former stray cat named Mu. Mu was killed by a car and Tatter now has a fear of cars.
  • Tatter was confirmed to be asexual and has no romantic desires.
    Tatter's Death