Shatter's Theme Song

Shatter's Theme Song

Terence's Theme Song

Appearance== Shatter has mostly straight hair except for a small colic near the side of his head. Shatter is a lighter built compared to his twin brother. Like Tatter, he has the same shade of emerald green eyes. Shatter is missing his left ear as Tatter tore it off of him. In Cat Chronicles he is a British shorthair with green eyes.


Name: Terence 'Shatter' Morgan

Birth year: 1938

Age: 18 at first death, 97 at second death

Status: Deceased (Verified Heaven Resident)

Father: Unnamed

Mother: Elizabeth

Brother: Alister (Tatter)

In the Books


  • Shatter's real name is Terence.
  • Shatter's name as Shatter is a reference to how his sanity and dreams were shattered by his thirst to be with his brother. Tatter's however comes from how his sanity was tattered to insanity for revenge and Alister's tattered opportunities.
  • Shatter became evil to follow his brother.
  • Terence's theme song is Too Hard to Say Goodbye by Westlife.