Sabriah is a brown haired angel with arrogant green eyes. He has light brown wings and a sneer is usually on his face.


Full name: Sabriah Abraham Nano

Sex: Male

Status: Deceased (killed by an antidepressant overdose and drinking bleach; suicide)

Species: Archangel

Father: Jezer

Mother: Unnamed Angel

Ancestors: Abraham, Adam, Noah, Nano

Significant Others: Ira (formally), Soma

Son: Zerachiel

Grandsons: Marco, Niko

Great Grandsons: Stamu (son of Marco), Zagu, Ethan, Liam, Daraku (sons of Niko)

Great Granddaughters: Raque, Maria (daughters of Marco)

Great Great Grandsons: Marco II ( Son of Stamu), Kiah, Trajon (Sons of Liam)

Great Great Granddaughter: Susansi ( Daughter of Stamu)

In The BooksEdit

Sabri is portrayed as an arrogant, clingy, angel who 'loves' Ira too much. 


  • Sabriah only took Soma as his wife to 'prove' his loyalty to the Angel Council. He didn't really care about her.
  • He is the least favorite character of the authors.
  • Sabriah's surname came from the first name of his maternal great grandfather, Nano. Nano was part of the tenth Angel Coucil . He was the best warrior of his time.