Description Edit

Mu is a black British Short-hair with a white chest, paws, tail tip, and chin. Mu also has blue eyes.

Information Edit

Owner: Alister 'Tatter' Morgan

Sex: Male

Status: Deceased (Ran over by a car)

In the Books Edit

Mu is mentioned by Tatter in the final book of the series, he was also shown at the end of the book guiding Tatter's soul to Heaven. In Tatter and Shatter's book he is shown to be rescued as a kitten as he was roped to a fence and left to die. Tatter gave the little kitten the name Mu.


Trivia Edit

  • Mu was originally abused by his former owner.
  • Mu prefers Alister over Terence.
  • Mu's name in Japanese and Korean translates into without, or not having.
  • Mu is one of the three characters whose fate and actions decided the events of TSC. The other two are Kaeso and Enoka.

Cat Chronicles Edit

Mu has his own Mini-Volume about his life before his death. He is shown celebrating Christmas with his friend and owner Alister.

む Mu