"Maybe we weren't meant to have the world? What if all of us were wrong the whole time?" -Kolero


Kolero is a black haired, icy blue eyed half devil. In animal form he is a red fire dragon. As a cat he is shown as a Bombay cat with icy blue eyes and a black cross collar.


Full Name: Kolero Kactus Calaski

Sex: Male

Status: Alive

Species: Half Devil, Bombay Cat

Father: Satan

Mother: Naski

Half Brother: Mammon

Half Niece: Jaylin

Significant Others: Niko Nano, Eliza

Daughters: Avita, Lilith

Sons: Ivan, Emory

In the Books

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  • Kolero is confirmed to be related to all of his past lives through blood.
  • Kolero does NOT have any feelings for Niko currently.
  • Kolero is believed by his creator to be born on 10-31-19.
  • His daughter, Avita, is a devil without any powers.
  • Kolero is 17 in the first book of the first series, and 19 in the last book of that series. In the second series he is about 36-37.