"You came to me for help?! You must be desperate then." - Kaeso

Description Edit

Kaeso is a red eyed devil that takes human form. He is said to be the most violent of Wrath. He also sometimes wears a mask of a human face.

Information Edit

Full Name: Kaeso

Sex: Male

Status: Deceased (Killed by the Angel Council the first time. Killed by a stab wound dealt by Hasira the second time)

Species: Full Devil

Father: Unnamed

Mother: Ajatat

Sister: Niketa

Half Brother: Satan

Half-Nephews: Mammon, Riah, Ash, Firion, Sabnock, Kolero

Half Nieces: Kasdeya, Prosperine

Great Half-Nephews: Kuro, Duke Aim, Daraku, Ivan, Emory, Laxeus, Fither, Baal

Great Half-Nieces: Jaylin, Lilith, Avita

Great Great Half Nephews:

Mentor: Aker

Apprentice: Hasira

In the Books Edit


Kaeso is mentioned a few times as being the most difficult and hostile of the Wraths.

Eighth Book:

Kaeso appears to Kolero and he mocks him for being so weak. Kolero tells him that he needs his help and Kaeso laughs. Kaeso remarks that he is shocked and surprised at Kolero's request. Kaeso then agrees to help Kolero at a price. Kaeso also asks his former apprentice, Hasiras, if he would help him betray the unified Sins and Virtues of the past and present in return for ever lasting power. Hasiras refuses by saying he does not wish to get power in Kaeso's way. The devil then on the battle field betrays all the Sins and Virtues. Kaeso is killed a second time when he tries to kill Kolero but Hasiras attacks and kills him instead. Hasiras grieves a bit for his mentor before returning to the battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Kaeso is the 2nd Wrath.
  • Kaeso ripped the face off one of his victims in order to make his signature mask.
  • Kaeso is Kolero's half uncle.
  • Kaeso was mentored by Aker.
  • Kaeso mentored Hasiras.

Cat Chronicles Edit

In Volume 1.5, Kaeso is mentioned by Hasiras as being his mentor. In the first volume, Kaeso is a main villain. He also admits to murdering his sister for power.