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Ira has short black and red hair and amber colored eyes. She can also turn into a Bengal tiger. In Cat Chronicles she is shown as a black she-cat with three white spots under each eye.

Information Edit

Full Name: Ira Hiedler

Age: 30 (At Death), 120 (Currently)

Sex: Female

Status: Deceased

Species: Half Devil, Oriental Cat

Father: Duke Aim

Mother: Kather Hiedler

Half Brother: Zepar, Lanos, Flavian

Half Sister: Furfur, Jessabelle, Jezebeth, hekla,

Grandfather: Sabnock

Grandmother: Kieran

Great-grandmother: Diaova

Great-grandfather: Satan

Great-great-grandmother: Ajatat

Great-great-half uncle: Kaeso

Great-great-half niece: Niketa

Great-Half Uncle: Kolero Calaski

Great-Aunt: Puabi

Cousins (Half and not): Trigger

Stepmothers: Nyssa, Sibyl

Significant Other: Sabri Nano, Naski Calaski

Adopted Son: Kolero Calaski

In the Books Edit

Ira is first mentioned by Taylor has the former consort of Sabri. Taylor also mentions that her and Sabri's romance didn't end well.

Trivia Edit

    • Ira is like Kolero's adopted mother.
    • Ira had no idea Sabri still loved her after her death and continues to hold a grudge.
    • Ira’s surname is Hiedler making her related to Adolf Hitler.
    • Ira and Kolero are both half human. The other sins who are pure devils dislike them for their lineage.
    • Ira’s mother is a human and a German.
    • Ira was the first of the fourth Sins to die.
    • Ira once was somewhat in charge of Natzweiler-Struthof, a concentration camp in France. This is why she speaks some French.
    • Ira still feels horrible about her crimes in World War 2.
    • Ira is the romantic partner of Naski, Kolero's mother.
    • Ira and Naski are the first TSC lesbian couple.

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