Hasira's Theme Song-Shadows

Hasira's Theme Song-Shadows


"I won't follow your plans for endless power, Kaeso. It is true my group of Sins failed, and that taught me something. I wasn't meant to rule the World but to protect it. The best way to do that is to fight on the unified Sins and Virtues 'side." Hasira


Hasira is a pure blooded devil that in human form has brown hair and dark hazel eyes. His skin is a darker tan color than the rest of the Sins he leads. 


Name: Hasira Virlis

Sex: Male

Status: Deceased

Species: Full Devil

Father: Erebus

Mother: Nyx

Consorts: Alekto, Kasakiman

Sons: Thesbeus, Dynami, Kuiba

Daughter: Nekros

Grandsons: Dietmar, Stephon

Great Grandson: Luca

Great Great Granddaughter: Nanaki

Great Great Great Granddaughter: Sanaka

Great Great Great Great Granddaughter: Naski

Great Great Great Great Great Grandson: Kolero

Adopted Daughter: Ira

Mentor: Kaeso

Apprentice: Ira

Second: Kasakiman

In the BooksEdit

In Wrath Hasira is mentioned as being the mentor of Ira and the apprentice of Kaeso. Ira says since her father Duke Aim ignores her, Hasira raised her as if she was his own daughter. 

In the eighth book Kaeso is speaking to Hasira about joining him on his quest for power but Hasira refuses saying he is already happy with what he is doing now. During the battle, Kaeso tries to kill Kolero but Hasira pulls Kaeso off of him and duels with his mentor. Kaeso calls Hasira a traitor and a coward before leaping at him with a dagger. Hasira is knocked down by Kaeso but he manages to grab a knife and Hasiras stabs Kaeso in the chest killing him. Before Kaeso dies he vows to plague the Sins and Virtues with a curse to punish them for killing him. Hasira snorts and calls Kaeso's bluff. Hasira is described after Tatter and Shatter's deaths, grieving for his fallen mentor.


  • Hasira possibly got married to a human and had children, but he was unable to meet any of his kids. This is later proven wrong as Alekto was a pureblooded demon.
  • Hasira thinks of Kolero as his 'grandson' as Hasira raised Ira, Kolero's adoptive mother.
  • Hasira was very close to his Second, Kasakiman. 
  • Hasira didn't want to be a Wrath.
  • Hasira wished he could please Kaeso more. 
  • It is later confirmed that he and Kasakiman were a couple. 
  • Hasira technically caused his children's deaths.