Avita has dark black hair and piercing blue eyes. In Cat Chronicles she is a black cat with a white star shape on her forehead.


Name: Avita Calaski

Sex: Female

Status: Alive

Species: 3/4 devil 1/4 human, powerless devil

Father: Kolero

Mother: Eliza

Brothers: Ivan, Emory

Sister: Lilith

Half-Brother: Daraku

Cousins: Jaylin, Unnamed devils

Husband: Stamu

Son: Marco II

Daughter: Susansi

Nephews: Kiah, Trajon (sons of Emory)

Father in Law: Marco 

Mother in Law: Sania

Brother in Law: Liam

In the BooksEdit

In the second series Avita appears as the main protagonist. She is the youngest daughter of Kolero and Eliza. When the water is poisoned and a group from the wastelands is to blame, she is sent on a journey with Lilith, Emory, Stamu, Daraku, and Liam. Avita grows close to Niko's brother's son, Stamu, and he becomes her strongest supporter. Avita is the first to discover Milly, a young innocent looking woman who offers to help the group. Avita notices Liam constantly disappearing at night and she believes that he goes and meets Milly. She follows him one night and finds out she is correct. When she returns, she finds Emory glaring at her. He asks her where Liam is, and she tells him. Emory huffs furiously and stalks off.